Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

Finding The Right Insurance Plan: Know What You Need For Coverage

When you need car insurance but you aren't sure what type of plan to choose, it will depend on the value of your car and what type of coverage you are looking for. If you are using your vehicle for work or if you need gap insurance for a brand-new vehicle, your insurance plan will be determined by what you are looking for. If you have an older car and don't need a ton of coverage or you have assets you want to protect in the event of a serious accident, look over your options when it comes to insurance coverage and choose a plan that is best for you.

Gap Insurance For New Vehicles

As soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot, it decreases in value. This is common, and you will want to be prepared in the event that your car gets totaled. When you purchase gap insurance, what you owe on your vehicle is covered instead of what the car is valued at. Gap insurance covers the difference between what your car is valued at and what you owe on the vehicle. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle if your covered one is totaled. 

Liability Insurance Protects Your Assets

If you are in an accident and you are at fault, you will want to have liability insurance in place. When you have many assets, get liability coverage that is more than the state minimum. In the event you are held responsible for damaging another person's property, your liability insurance coverage will pay for the damages. If you only have minimal coverage, you can be held personally responsible and have to pay for damages out of pocket.

Collision Coverage For Your Own Repairs

When you have a newer car, collision coverage is worth the investment. You will be able to repair your car using your collision coverage. If your car isn't worth much money, it probably isn't worth it to have the coverage. If you total your car, collision coverage provides you with the value of your car minus any deductible. If your car value is low and your deductible is high, the coverage isn't worth it.

As you shop for an insurance plan, take into consideration the type of your car. Know that you may need liability coverage in the event of a serious accident. Look at gap insurance if you just purchased a new vehicle and are worried about replacing your car if you total it.

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Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

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